The Company

Plast-Box Ukraine

Nowadays “Plast-Box Ukraine” is more than 18 000 m2 of production and warehouse space. The production is outfitted with innovative high-tech equipment, the basis of which are injection moulding machines of the world-famous manufacturers like Krauss Maffei (Germany), Husky Injection Molding (Canada) with a clamping force from 80 to 1000 tons.

The main activity direction of the enterprise is the production of containers of different volumes, shapes and colors with plastic or metal handles. The company attaches great importance to the development of new solutions in the design and decoration of containers and packaging. Customers of the company have a wide range of round, oval and rectangular containers of capacity from 0.5to 33l, which allow flexible solution of the problems of production economy, storage and transportation, successful brand promotion by creating unforgettable image.

“Plast-Box Ukraine” products are widely used in many industries. Containers are used for the needs of the food market, including fish, dairy products, ketchup, mayonnaise, fruit and vegetable jam, and canned goods. The company also specializes in the manufacture of packaging for the chemical market, in particular for paint and varnish materials and construction chemistry.

Another area of activity of the company is the production of boxes. Boxes “Plast-Box Ukraine” are widely used for transportation and storage of vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products, fish,and bakery products. Sophisticated and well-thought-out box design, based on decades of production experience, and carefully selected materials ensure their reliability and long-term exploitation. Such containersare are suitable for deep freezing (-40° C) and allow sanitary treatment due to high material resistance to aggressive environments.


Modern technologies

The diversity of the assortment offered by Plast-Box Ukraine allows each customer to find the best packaging for his goods.
The main assortment of production are buckets. The variety of their forms (round, oval, rectangular) and volumes (from 0.55l to 33 l) satisfiesall the needs and requirements of customers. All buckets have a seal to control the first opening, which guarantees the non-compliance of the content from the moment it is filled by the manufacturer and until it is used by the final consumer.
According to the clients’ demand the buckets can be equipped with plastic or metal handles. The company manufactures containers which, due to their design features (special shape of the bottom, external hinge, the presence of a “shaker” lock in the container sealing unit, a special form of centering petals on the lid, etc.), are the most suitable for mixing paint and varnish materials on gyroscopic and vibroshakers.
Packages of the same capacity may differ in individual size: the bottom and top diameter, height, the construction of the lid or side cap, which allows you to pick up the container, based on your own needs, for example, the settings of the technological line.
Recognition of a company’s product on the market is very important. Manufacturing companies prefer their product to be packed in packaging not only of a certain form, but also had an individual decorative design. This can be done in several ways. One of them is the ability to make a bucket, a lid or plastic handle of any color.
We offer an existing standard colours, as well as we can choose a special color that will significantly distinguish the product. Another way of decoration is by using the IML technology (In-Mold-Labeling technology). This method of decoration is carried out at the request of the customer by packing pre-printed labels into the products at the time of their formation.

IML technology

IML technology
Taking into consideration the market requirements and modern technologies, Plast-Box Ukraine company offers packaging decoration using IML technology (In-Mold-Labeling). This method of decoration is carried out by laying out pre-printed labels onto the products at the time of their formation. Additional effects that can be added to the structural surface of the container (matt, satin, gloss, texture), enhance the attractiveness of such package greatly.
To give you the opportunity to understand the possible areas of using products with IML-labels better, we will briefly list their main benefits:

  • the label and packaging look like organic whole, which increases the external attractiveness of the goods;
  • products with IML labels have increased resistance to external mechanical and chemical influences; the soldered labels are damp-proof and hygienic, as well as resistant to temperature fluctuations. So, this is the best solution for decorating plastic containers for frozen and cooled products.
  • high-quality printing is used for the production of labels, therefore the product has clear graphics and photorealistic images on the packaging, which allows you to highlight the goods on the shelves of stores;
  • decorating with IML allows you to create a wide range of design solutions for plastic products, using a variety of combinations of foundations, paints and varnishes;
  • additional protection against counterfeiters is automatically provided, as a rule, fairly large manufacturers, who will not participate in pirated production, have IML-technology;
  • the cost of labeling is reduced, as this operation is combined with the process of making the package;
  • the packaging is completely recycled (because the label and packaging are made of the same material), which helps to protect the environment;
  • it is possible to use higher (10-20%) speed of packaging of the product, since the label has a strong adhesion to the surface, which, in turn, reduces the risk of damaging;
  • Internal firmware accounting for finished packaging is facilitated (if all containers are marked and signed, it’s more difficult to mix them than “nameless” containers).




The high quality of all products is the main principle of Plast-Box Ukraine.The technical control department closely monitors the production of containers at all stages, ranging from raw material quality control to the loading of the finished product. As a result of such a well-established system, our partners are guaranteed to receive quality goods.The company’s quality policy implies close interaction with the client. Our employees are constantly communicating with the consumer, listening to his needs and tracking his satisfaction with the cooperation. Thanks to this knowledge, multiplied by many years of experience, the company keeps up with the client’s needs and maintains the quality of its products according to the principle of “doing everything right from the first time.”