Food market

Years of experience has enabled our company to create a quality and product safety management system needed to produce the best packaging for the food market.
The quality and product safety management system at the enterprise meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2005, this fact is testified by a certificate of conformity. Thanks to this system, the company makes safe packaging for food products.
In the process of packing production, Plast-Box Ukraine takes care of hygiene and production safety. Evidence of this is the received certificate of conformity with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2005. All products are produced according to the requirements of Ukrainian and European legislation in the field of packaging and container safety, and can have direct contact with food products.
Taking into consideration the needs of the food market, our company offers buckets of different shapes (round, oval or rectangular) and sizes (different diameters and height). Food buckets can be made with or without a handle (plastic or metal).
For the food market, our company offers, in particular, packaging solutions that provide additional food protection. The packaging is equipped with first-opening control seals, guaranteeing the integrity of the contents from the moment it is filled up by the manufacturer and until its use by the final consumer. In the range of the company there are also capacities that allow sealing of the barrier film. Such packaging has already become the standard among European manufacturers due to the inviolability of the contents of a sealed container and increasing of the shelf life of a packed food.
Producing food packaging, Plast-Box Ukraine Company implements additional decoration of the outer surface of the package and offers the IML technology. When using IML technology, the label becomes an integral part of the package, it does not stick out, and print quality is higher than with the traditional printing methods.
Plastic buckets for food products are available in sizes from 0.55 to 33 litres. They are ideal for storing both small retail food products (ice cream, sweets, candies, salads), and ready-made food and semi-finished goods delivered in bulk to restaurants, bakeries, and processing plants. Food packaging is also often used to store pet food and livestock.

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