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Plast-BOX Ukraine specializes in the manufacture of plastic packaging for paint and varnish materials and construction chemistry.
For the chemical market, the company provides a wide range of containers of different shapes and sizes, adapted to the requirements of market standards. The high packaging quality is ensured by the functioning of a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, which is certified by the corresponding certificate.
Plast-Box offers, among others, packaging for paints with a special construction of the closure and the bottom enabling mixing paints in shaker machines. In addition, the company’s offer includes chemical packaging that is suitable for various types of chemical industry batches (e.g. washing powders, bleaches, dishwashing liquids, etc.) as well as the construction industry and heavy chemicals (including: mortars masonry, adhesives, grounds, plaster primers, asphalt masses).
In the production ofThe Plast-Box Ukraine company offers, in particular, a special design package (a special form of the bottom, an external cantack, the presence of a “shaker” lock in the container’s sealing unit, a special form of centering petals on the lid, etc.) that are suitable for colored mixers (shakers ) In addition, the firm’s offer includes packaging suitable for various types of chemical products (eg., washing powder, bleach, dishwashing liquid etc.), as well as products from the construction industry and chemistry (including varnishes, paints , putty, glue, plaster and asphalt mass, etc.).
While producing buckets, the company uses plastic from the group of polymers-PP (polypropylene). The production of containers is based on the modern equipment of the world’s best-known manufacturers with the use of a snap made by the best European companies, combining the latest trends in packaging and decades of experience in the development of rigid packaging. The latest technology, experience and careful selection of materials allow you to produce packaging with the optimum balance of rigidity and resistance to mechanical influences. Such capacities are durable, lightweight, and resistant to damage of the various chemicals.
According to the variety of the customers’ needs in the chemical market, plastic buckets are equipped with first-opening control seals that guarantee the integrity of the contents from the moment it is filled up by the manufacturer and until the the final consumer uses it. Thanks to the tightness of the containers, the substances stored in them do not decompose under the influence of air, nor do they threaten the safety of the environment.
Buckets delivered to customers can be additionally decorated with different types of decorations, for example using IML technology (In-Mold-Labeling)

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