and small volume packaging

is a manufacturer of plastic packaging


Polypropylene thermoforming from Stark Partner

Stark Partner, a company in the Plast-Box Capital Group, a manufacturer of plastic packaging, has started the process of shifting from polystyrene (PS) to polypropylene (PP) materials in its thermoforming technology. It involves the modification of certain product models and new investments needed to comply with the changing regulatory requirements aimed at reducing the environmental impact.   

LLC “Plast-Box Ukraine”
a manufacturer of plastic packaging

LLC “Plast-Box Ukraine” is a manufacturer of plastic containers and packaging. The company was founded in 2004 in the city of Chernihiv. It is a modern enterprise with 100% foreign investment, which is dynamically developing in the modern market. The main shareholder of the company is Plast-Box SA, which is among the leading Polish manufacturers of plastic products. For 35 years of its existence, a small family-owned company in Poland has become a well-known leading producer of plastic containers and packaging, whose shares have been highly quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004. In Ukraine, the first plant, which supported the traditions of doing business at the European level, was opened in 2005. The second modern high-tech plastics processing plant appeared in 2011.

LLC “Plast-Box Ukraine” a manufacturer of plastic packaging

Plast-Box Ukraine

Plast-Box Ukraine


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and small volume packaging

Within the Plast-Box Group, thermoforming is offered by Stark Partner, a company with over 25 years of experience in the packaging industry. Stark is capable of delivering very large orders overnight: 70, 100, or even 500 thousand pieces, depending on the available range of products. Packaging that is manufactured using this technology is cheaper than using injection moulding. Thermoforming allows the production of different materials, such as: polystyrene, PET, or polypropylene. Such packaging is recyclable. In addition, Stark offers small volume packaging in capacities up to 1 litre, dedicated to the food industry.
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